International Journal Data Modelling and Knowledge Management

Vol. 2 No. 1  (January-June, 2017),

SSN No: 2249-0507

1.   Regression Analysis of Socio-Economic Factors Leading to Increased Body Weight and Obesity in America

Author : Cindy Villamil, Janica Jain & Sylvain Jaume                           DOWNLOAD


2.   FSQL : A Systematic Framework for Habitual and Fuzzy SQL Commands

Author : Khalid Al-Radaideh and Mohammed Akour                                      DOWNLOAD


3.   Using Operations Research Models in Decision Making to Find the Node Influences in the Noordin Dark Network

Author : William P. Fox & Sean F. Everton                                    DOWNLOAD


4.   Hows Life? Regression Analysis of the OECD Better Life Index (BLI) 

Author : Mohamed Mohamar, Jeffrey Burgos, Robert Cueto, Ariel Ramirez adn Alex Dyer                        DOWNLOAD


5.   Suggested Marketing Strategy Using Apriori and FP-Growth Algorithms in Retail Sales in Egypt 

Author : Amira H.S. Halaby, Mohmoud M. Abdu Latif, Amira Rezk and Mohamed Hagag                            DOWNLOAD