Indian Journal of Economics and Business 

ISSN No: 0972-5784


   1.      Leverage Effect and Introduction of Options and Futures Impact on Equity Market: A study in Indian context

 Author :- Atul Kumar, T V Raman and Sanjay Rastogi                 DOWNLOAD


   2.       “Exploring Fiscal Discipline and Economic Growth Nexus and its Implication for Job Creation in Ghana: A Conceptual Review”

 Author :- Charles Kwadwo Oppong              DOWNLOAD


  3.      Analysis of Control Change effects on Indian Economy – from Inbound and Domestic Acquisition Perspective – A Review

 Author :- Gaurav Barick and Sheeba Kapil          DOWNLOAD


   4.      Evaluating Self-control Levels of Job-seekers During Integrity Testing: Can it Help in Reducing Respondent’s Faking Behavior?

 Author :- Mohammed Abdul Nayeem              DOWNLOAD


   5.      An Empirical Study on Impact of Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Employee Engagement and Proactive Behavior on Employee Performance in Retail Banks of India

 Author :- Sheerali Arya, T. V. Raman and Anu Prashant                     DOWNLOAD


   6.      Challenges in Leveraging E-commerce Channels to Sell Ancient Madhubani Art : A Case Study of Mithilasmita

 Author :- Shweta Aggarwal, Sumita Rai, MP Jaiswal and Henrik Sorensen                 DOWNLOAD


   7.      Using Offline and Online Channels to Build Trust in Ancient Art: A Case Study of Mithilasmita



   8.      Employee Engagement in Indian Companies

 Author :- M. Venkatesan, Adeep Sohal and Anubha Rohatgi                       DOWNLOAD


   9.      Why Students Use Social Networking Sites? : Understanding Motives Behind their Usage

 Author :- Mohammed Abdul Nayeem                    DOWNLOAD


   10.  Financial Evaluation of a Metro Rail Project in India: A Case Study

 Author :- Sarbjit Singh                   DOWNLOAD


   11.  Masala Bonds-A Global Highway for Corporate Funding

 Author :- Prantik Ray                     DOWNLOAD


   12.  Walmart-Flipkart Deal — Bumpy Road Ahead?

 Author :- Prantik Ray                      DOWNLOAD


   13.  Incorporating the ‘Valued Opinion of Internal and External Customer (VOICE)’ for Product Quality Improvement

 Author :- Jitendra Sharma                    DOWNLOAD


   14.  Market Access Issues for India’s Herbal Malt Extracts (HS-1901) Exports to G.C.C. Countries

 Author :- Dr. Ram Singh and Hemant Kr. Singh                DOWNLOAD


   15.  Who Comprise the Poor?: An Empirical Study of Six Indian States

 Author :- Avinash Kumar and Nazia Iqbal Hashmi                      DOWNLOAD


  16.   ‘Contribution of USA’s Foreign Direct Investment- A Case Study of the Indian Economy

 Author :- Y. Satguru Roshan                        DOWNLOAD


  17.  Consumer Data Consumption Pattern: Jio Case

 Author :- Dr. Dimple Kaul And Darshan Patole                    DOWNLOAD


  18.  Arbitration Award on Irregular and Unauthorized Trading at the Stock Exchange In India: An Empirical Study

 Author :- Bezawada Brahmaiah                                  DOWNLOAD

  19. A Study of Risk Management through Diversification during Uncertain Market Conditions  

Author :- 
Preeti Kulshrestha and Anubha Srivastava                 DOWNLOAD