Indian Journal Of Economics And Business

Vol. 18 No. 1 (June, 2019)

   1.   A June 2013 Disaster: Its Nature, Impact and Management in Uttarakhand, India

Author :- Ajay Kumar Salgotra and Durga Rajak                           DOWNLOAD


   2.  Establishing a Strong Digital Footprint of Millennial Consumers in Banking

Author :- Dimple Kaul and Kartik Iyer                                  


   3.  A Study of Progress and Changes on the Disinvestment Policy in India

Author :- Isha Chhabra, Seema Gupta and V.K Gupta


   4.  The Role of EWOM in Social Media on Consumer’s Choice of Restaurant Selection: An Insight into the Decision Making Process

Author :- Harpuneet Kohli and Sujata Khandai                      DOWNLOAD


   5.  Causal Relationship of Sensex, Nifty, and Gold Price in India

Author :- V V Krishna Reddy                                                             


   6.  Absorption, Vigor and Dedication: Determinants of Employee Engagement in B-Schools

Author :- Navneet Gera, R K Sharma and Dr Pankaj Saini                                  


   7.  Corporate Governance Index and Liquidity

Author :- Niraj Satnalika and S.V.D. Nageswara Rao                                         


   8.  Financial Inclusion: The Role of Fintech and Digital Financial Services in India

Author :- Vinay Kandpal and Rajat Mehrotra                                      


   9.  Determinants of Relative Valuation of Firms in Emerging market: Empirical Study

Author :- B Rajesh Kumar and K S Sujit                                                           DOWNLOAD


   10. Impact of Various Demographic Factors on Consumer Behaviour – An Empirical Study of Electronic Products In Rural Himachal (India)

Author :- Rakesh Kumar and Ramesh Kumar                                          


   11. Indias Herbal Animal Feed Products Export (H.S.-2309) to GCC Countries: An Evidence on Market Access Issues

Author :- Ram Singh                                                          


   12. Examination of the Moderation Effect of Generations on Buying Behavior of Women: A Special Focus on Fashion Apparel

Author :- Renu Yadav, Sujata Khandai and S.P. Singh                                  


   13. Encryption & Decryption Using Linear Algebra: Advancement In Public Key Cryptography

Author :- Shubham Agarwal                                                        


   14. The Embracing of Travel Blogosphere: A Reader’s Perception Model

Author :- Ruhi Sethi and Deepa Kapoor                                              


   15. Broad Money Supply and Commercial Bank Lending: Comparing their Co-relationship with Inflation Rate in India 

Author: Sayan Banerjee                                       DOWNLOAD


   16. Embracing ‘Tangibles’ in Restaurants to Establish Service Performance – A Marketing Strategy to Sustain Competitiveness

Author :- Shashi Nanda, Sujata Khandai and Archana Bhatia                                     


   17. Are We Ready for Blockchain? A Detailed Review

Author :- Siddhartha Nigam, O.P. Wali and V.R. Saradhi                                 


   18. Impact of IT Enabled Services on the State GDP: A Case of Andhra Pradesh- India

Author :- Sundar Vankatramanaiah                                


  19. The Impact of Technology Adoption on Agricultural Productivity in Ethiopia: ARDL Approach

Author :- Aynalem Shita, Nand Kumar and Seema Singh                           


   20. The Impact of Economic and Political Events on Performance of Selected Mutual Funds of Emerging Economy: A systemic View

Author :- Sushil Kumar Gupta , Amit Kumar Sinha and Navneet Gera                                          


   21. Towards Environmental Awareness: A Review on the Upgrowing Edge of Green Cosmetics

Author :- Rachita Kapoor and Anurupa B Singh


  22. Impact of External Shock on Inflation in India

Author :- Amrendra Pandey and Jagdish Shettigar                            


  23. Consumers’ Buying Behavior Towards The Sales Promotion Tools In Retail Outlets

Author :- Nishtha Bhushan & Bhawna Agarwal                         


  24. A Review on Critical risk factors for Infrastructure projects in Asian countries

Author :- Ravindra Shrivastava, Sumeet Gupta, Ankur Mittal, Brijendra Saxena                                    


  25. Technopreneurs Charisma and Employee Engagement: Rewards and Recognition as Mediators

Author :- Rama Krishna Yelamanchili                                                                


   26. Determinants of Reverse Internal Migration in India: A Behavioural Perspective

Author :- Amiya Kumar Mohapatra and Srirang Jha                                                     


   27. Talent Management – Reviewing Philosophies, Approaches & Challenges

Author :- Anuroopa Mahajan                                                                                

28. Analysis of Cultivational Cost of Sugarcane in Tamil Nadu

Author :- 
P. Natarajamurthy, N. Prasanna and A. Bharatharathna                                                  DOWNLOAD