Indian Journal Of Economics And Business

Vol. 18 No. 2 (December , 2019)

1. Dynamics of India’s exchange rate and trade balance - The J curve hypothesis

Author :- Anu Paul & Rasananda Panda                        DOWNLOAD


2. Analysis of Institutional Determinants impacting FDI Inflows in India and China using Panel Data Regression Modelling

Author :- Priya Gupta                                  DOWNLOAD


3. Mediating Effects of Customer Satisfaction in the Relationship between Service Quality and Customer Loyalty in E-Nanking Services

Author :- R. Ragu Prasadh and C. Joe Arun                            DOWNLOAD


4. Globalisation, trade and growth dynamics: An empirical investigation for the Indian Economy

Author :- Shikha Gupta and Nand Kumar                                     DOWNLOAD


5. On The Roads of Recovery: How far to go?

Author :- Sunita Chaki, Kshamta Chauhan & Anita Daryal                                DOWNLOAD


6. Factors influencing the purchase decision of apparel brands through Social Media Platforms 

Author :- Swati Gupta, Atul Kumar Agarwal & Ajay Kumar Chauhan                                 DOWNLOAD

7. Marketing Intelligence and Firm Performance: Reviewing the Mediating Impact of Customer Relationships, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty  

Author :- 
Sushant Kumar Vishnoi, Teena Bagga, Rashmi Aggarwal          DOWNLOAD

8. Management and Technology Reform for Gramin Saur Urja

Author : - Shailja Sinha, Sumeet Singh Jasial and Gopal P. Sinha                                        DOWNLOAD

Analysis of Role of Irrigation in Cropping Pattern in salem District

Author : - A. Bharatharathna, N.Prasanna and P.Natarajamurthy                                       DOWNLOAD