Indian Journal of Economics and Business 

ISSN No: 0972-5784

1. Analyzing Firm Performance in Non-life Insurance Industry–Parametric and Non-parametric Approaches

Author :- Kalyan Chakraborty, Anirban Dutta & Partha Pratim Sengupta                          DOWNLOAD  


2. Operational Risk Management in Indian Banks : Issues and Challenges 

Author :- Yogieta S. Mehra                      DOWNLOAD  


3. Nigeria: State, Oil And Malignant Underdevelopment 

Author :- S. I. Ebohon Snr                                DOWNLOAD  

4. Interlocking Directorates and Their Changes in Polish Companies 

Author :- Marek Pawlak                            DOWNLOAD  


5. Neocolonial Dependence Model and the False Paradigm: Useful for Explaining Development in Haiti and the Dominican Republic?

Author :- Celyse Weller                           DOWNLOAD  


6. The Dual Sector Model of Economic Development: A Comparative Anaysis of Moldova and Romania 

Author :- Sarah Hall                      DOWNLOAD  


7. The Creation (and Destruction) of the Greek Economic Miracle

 Author :- Julia Rinegar                                DOWNLOAD  

8. Cultural Influences on Product Choice of the Nigerian Consumer

Author :- Anthony A. Ijewere & Edith O. Odia                             DOWNLOAD  


9. The Euro’s Effects on Trade Within the Eurozone 

Author :- Ann Job                            DOWNLOAD  


10. Government Policy and Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Steel Industry- Growth Opportunities 

Author :- B. S. N. Raju                      DOWNLOAD  


11. Industrial Development of Kurnool District 

Author :- M. Nazeeruddin and P. Athaulla Khan                     DOWNLOAD  


12. Audit and Nonaudit Fees from Different Reporting Regimes and Perceived Audit Quality 

Author :- Mohinder Parkash, Rajeev Singhal & Yun (Ellen) Zhu                     DOWNLOAD  


13. The Role of Foreign Venture Capital Funds in Indian Venture Capital Market 

Author :- V. R. Jyotsna Kumari                                DOWNLOAD  


14. Management of Foreign Institutional Investment in India 

Author :- Chanchal Chopra                           DOWNLOAD  


15. Using Fuzzy Classification for Chronic Disease Management 

Author :- Biswadip Ghosh                                        DOWNLOAD