Indian Journal of Economics and Business 

ISSN No: 0972-5784


1. Enhancement of Commitment in the Export Management Company Supplier Relationship Through E-business 

Author :- Varinder M. Sharma and Brij M. Sharma                   DOWNLOAD  


2. A Theory of Vertical Political Interaction in Cigarette Taxation 

Author :- Khawaja A. Mamun                             DOWNLOAD  


3. Decoding The Chinese Rebalancing Urge 

Author :- Snehal Manjrekar                              DOWNLOAD  


4. The Neo-Colonial Dependence Model and the Diverging Economic Paths of Chile and Argentina 

Author :- David Isham                           DOWNLOAD  


5. Interacting Sets of Contradictory Human Needs as Drivers of Human Behavior 

Author :- Rajendra P. Khandekar                   DOWNLOAD  


6. The Economic Development of Argentina as Viewed Through Kuznets’ Six Characteristics 

Author :- Michael Jacobs                 DOWNLOAD  


7. Selection and Prioritization of Projects – A Data Envelopment Analysis (Dea) Approach 

Author :- Vinod Lall, Ruth Lumb and Abel Moreno                     DOWNLOAD  


8. Amazing development of Scheduled Castes in Maharashtra 

Author :- Suresh R. Kakade                       DOWNLOAD  


9. India As A Future Super Power: Conjectures and Refutations 

Author :- Sorab Sadri, Sharukh Tara and D. Y. Patil                   DOWNLOAD  


10. What Does Volume Reveal: A Study of the Indian Single Stock Futures Market 

Author :- Renato Alas Martins, Harminder Singh and Sukanto Bhattacharya             DOWNLOAD  


11. Roles of Literacy and Life Expectancy in Promoting Economic Well-Being Across Developing Countries 

Author :- Matiur Rahman and M. Moosa Khan         DOWNLOAD  


12. Social Norms and Occupational Choice: The Case of Caste System in India 

Author :- Indervir Singh             DOWNLOAD  


13. Customer Perceptions of South African Cellular Network Operators 

Author :- Mandusha Maharaj                DOWNLOAD  


14. The Dichotomy of Development in Brazil A Test of Kuznets’ U Curve Hypothesis 

Author :- J. Michael Deinlein                       DOWNLOAD  


15. Wage Inequality and Offshoring: Are they Related? 

Author :- Koushik Ghosh, Peter J. Saunders, and Thomas Tenerelli                      DOWNLOAD