Indian Journal of Economics and Business 

ISSN No: 0972-5784

1. Capital Flows, Degree of Openness and Macroeconomic Volatility 

Author :- Debasish Chakraborty & Vigdis Boasson                  DOWNLOAD  

2. Sustainability of Indian Public Sector Banks & Housing Finance Corporations through the 2008 Financial Crises – A Case Studyon the Role of Underwriting, Capital Adequacy & Borrower Characteristics

Author :- Nipun Kapur & Sameer Dhanrajani                 DOWNLOAD  


3. Estimation of the Money Demand Function in a Heterogeneous Panel for selected Asian Countries 

Author :- Mohammed Nur Hussain & Albert Wijeweera                  DOWNLOAD  


4. Determinants of Capital Expenditures Across Nations 

Author :- Vijaya Subrahmanyam, Indudeep Chhachhi & Chris Brown                  DOWNLOAD  


5. Technology Commercialization by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Indian Context: Challenges and Governmental Support Systems 

Author :- Sanjay Bhardwaj, Karuna Jain & Shrikant V. Joshi                    DOWNLOAD  


6. An analysis of Trends of Venture Capital and Private Equity Investments in India 

Author :- V. R. Jyotsna Kumari                 DOWNLOAD  


7. Foreign Capital and Industrial Growth in India: An Empirical Analysis 

Author :- Niranjan, R.                  DOWNLOAD  


8. Economic Development in Saudi Arabia: An Application of Development Theory to Saudi Arabian Economic Growth 

Author :- Sean Deaver                   DOWNLOAD  


9. Decreasing Poverty and Unemployment: An Examination through the Lens of Rostow’s Model of Economic Growth 

Author :- Jessica Jones                  DOWNLOAD  


10. Structure of Industries in Kurnool District 

Author :- M. Nazeeruddin* and P. Athaulla Khan                  DOWNLOAD