Indian Journal of Economics and Business 

ISSN No: 0972-5784

1. Dr. Raj Chetty: Passion and Compassion 

Author :- Niloufer Sohrabji                   DOWNLOAD  


2. An Analysis of Greece’s Balance of Payments from 2000-2011 

Author :- Meredith Brooks & Kishore G. Kulkarni                        DOWNLOAD  


3. Expenditure Multipliers and Elasticities for Uganda, 1980-2011 

Author :- Eseza Kateregga                    DOWNLOAD  


 4. “Turquality” Project and Its Effects on the Turkish Textile and Apparel Industry: A Note 

Author :- Ahu Fatma MANGIR                        DOWNLOAD  


5. The Dyamics of Nigeria’s Foreign Reserve: A Times Series Approach 

Author :- Audu, Nathan Pelesai & Okumoko, Tubo Pearce                   DOWNLOAD  


6. Does Financial Liberalisation Boost Money Demand? Evidence from Sri Lanka 

Author :- Ramesh Chandra Paudel & Nelson Perera                    DOWNLOAD  


7. Performance Analysis of Publicly Owned Urban Bus Companies in India 

Author :- Sanjay K. Singh & Shalini Raghav                      DOWNLOAD  


8. Trade Facilitation, Regulatory Quality and Export Performance: Empirical Investigation for South Asian Countries 

Author :- Mohsin Hasnain Ahmad & Qazi Massod Ahmed                           DOWNLOAD