Journal of Information Technology and  Engineering :  An International Journal

ISSN No: 2249-0515

Vol. 5 No. 1 (January-June, 2020) 

       1.Dry sliding wear behavior of aluminium metal matrix 

Author: S Ramesh Kumar Babu, P Naresh, AV Hari Babu

2. An intelligent fuzzy approach for controlling electrochemical machining in computer based concurrent engineering environment 

Author: Morteza Sadegh Amalnik

3. Efficient user revocation for dynamic groups using cloud

Author: VA Patil, Pratiksha Kute, Pritam Pardeshi, Smrutigandha Pathare


4. Design starting capasitor motor submersible pump with Zelio SR2B121FU

Author: Adhi Kusmantoro, Agus Nuwolo


5. Design of fixture for gear cover component machining on VMC

Author: Megha G Hegde, Shakunthala IC, Gangadhar Hegde, Prof. Anil Kumar PR, Prof. T Venkate Gowda


6. Green concrete by using high volume slag, recycled aggregate, recycled water to build eco environment

Author: Nayana AY, S Kavitha