Journal of Information Technology and  Engineering :  An International Journal

ISSN No: 2249-0515

Vol. 5 No. 2 (July-December, 2020)

1. A comparison between using biofuel blends and diesel oil in marine diesel engine

Author: Moustafa Tarek Elgendy, Mosaad Mosleh, Nader R. Ammar

2. Role of binders and mixing ratio on some physical properties of pellets produced by different methods of addition of materials

Author: Okiemute Ofuyekpone, Chiemela Amaechi Chimaroke, Ochuko Utu Goodluck

3. Enhancement of reliable power supply in grid associated distributed power generation with renewable sources

Author: Vellanki Venkata Indumati, JN Ramakrishna

4. Realization of IoT Solution for Smart Agri and ITS using Cloud

Author: Dr. Vijayalakshmi MN, Dr. Andhe Dharani, Narasimha Swamy S

5. Assessment of resistance of gas flow through porous materials in terms of the hydrodynamic model

Author: Grzegorz Wałowski