International Journal of Information Technology, Engineering & Sciences

ISSN: 2249-0515

Vol. 6 No. 1 (Jan-June, 2021)


  1. Discrete Time Fault Tolerant Control Systems

Author: Zhi-Min Fang                              FULL PDF

  2. An Expression Model Inspired by the Computer Engineering Technologies

Author: Yang Chen                   FULL PDF               

 3. A Quick and responsive method for Region-of-Interest Coding

Author: Haojiang Deng               FULL PDF

  4. Application of Recurrent Neural Controllers for Robot Complex Task Performance  

Author: Qifeng Yang                         FULL PDF

  5 . Identification of Moving Persons by Using a Camera in Outdoor Environment in Real time conditions

Author: Lingfang Wang                  FULL PDF

  6. Process of Using Pragmatics System technology on Question Answering System

Author: Jingtao Man                     FULL PDF

 7. Methods to Protect Digital Content for Business via Group Authentication

Author: Xiaona Song           FULL PDF

  8. Non-Equijoin over Sensor Data Streams through Load Shedding for Windowed         

Author: Junwei Lu                    FULL PDF

 9. Current flow in a Magnetic System

Author: Q. Deng
                 FULL PDF

 10.  A Shrinking Chaotic Maximum Neural Network for Maximum Clique Problem          

Author: Lingfang Wang               FULL PDF