Mathematical Methods, Physical Models and Simulation in Science & Technology
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The editorial Board of the journal has decided to publish an special issue on Mathematical Modelling and Applied Computing in Honor of Prof. Kiyosi Ito

Invitation for the article 

Original and review papers, short communications and proceedings on Interdisciplinary Integrative Forum on Modelling, Simulation and Scientific Computing in Engineering, Physical, Chemical Biological, Medical, Environmental, Social, Economic and Other Systems using Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences and Technology. Areas of interest include but are not limited to Engineering Systems, Computational Engineering, Computational Sciences and Technology, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Numerical Modelling, Biomedical Systems, Agricultural, Mineral and Energy Resources, Defense Related Problems, Economics, Business and Management, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Model Validations and more...

The date for Submitting the Draft for the article: 15th June, 2019

The revised Draft date after modifications: 15th July 2019

Date of Publications : 01st September 2019