International Journal of Child Rights Research & Education

ISSN: 0974-6218

Aim and Scope 

is an inter-disciplinary forum for child research and aims to publish papers on all aspects relating to child rights and research across geographical boundaries, disciplines, socio-economic-cultural contexts, and applied and basic research. It invites contribution that explores international and inter-disciplinary research committed to increasing understanding of child rights. It welcomes submission that explores the changing nature of child rights in developed and developing countries and socio-economic-cultural contexts and by illuminating the complex, globally articulated risks and possibilities that affect children today, which mayinclude topics such as cultural values, ethics, conflicts, social policy, programme design, supervision, education, training etc.

IJCRR intends to publish papers on theoretical and empirical issues to promote increased awareness and understanding of research on child rights and culture, economics, language, health and social networks. It welcomes inter-interdisciplinary contributions focusing on the study of child rights including sociology, health studies, anthropology, cultural studies, social policy and welfare, history, economics, education, psychology and development studies. 
The papers on wide range of topics including the following aspects are welcomed:

1.      Armed Conflicts

2.      Child Labour

3.      Children in Conflict with the Law

4.      Children with Disability

5.      Discrimination

6.      Education

7.      Health

8.      HIV and AIDS

9.      Media

10.  Poverty and Economics

11.  Rights Based Programming

12.  Sexual Exploitation

13.  Children’s Participation

14.  Situation of Migrants/Refugees’ Children

15.  Child Abuse and Violence

16.  Children in Residential Care

17.  Children and Family

IJCRRE contains book review section for wider dissemination of literatures to researchers and policy makers. The criteria for paper publication in IJCRR are: (a) research and theory should be of a high standard and be communicated in a reader-friendly manner; (b) policy issues should be substantive and addressed objectively; and (c) the work should clearly articulate the implications of the research, thereby clarifying policy problems and (ideally) illustrating solutions.     

Submission: Authors are requested to submit their papers electronically to 

Frequency: One issues per year. 

License: Creative Commons 3.0

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