International Journal of Engineering, Contemporary Mathematics and Sciences 

ISSN: 2250-3099


1.      Minima Domain Intervals and the S-convexity, as well as the Convexity, Phenomenon

Author: I.M.R. Pinheiro       DOWNLOAD

2.      Fixed points for weak '-contractions on partial metric spaces

Author: Cristina Di Bari and Pasquale Vetro                                                DOWNLOAD


3.      Adaptative mesh in boundary elements method for the calculation of hydrodynamic interactions in creeping flow

Author: Lassaad El Asmi, Maher Berzig and Fran_cois Feuillebois                                   DOWNLOAD


4.      Metrics on the set of elliptic curves over Fp

Author: Francesca Vetro                                                            DOWNLOAD


5.     On Nano Beta Open Sets

Author: A.Revathy and Gnanambal Ilango                                  

6.    Characterizations Of Supra Generalized Preregular Closed Sets                          

Author: Gnanambal Ilango, Vidhya Menon                                          DOWNLOAD


7.    On Variational Iteration Method For Solving Partial Differential Equations And Its Applications

      Author: Manisha Datar,. Kalyanrao Takale                                              DOWNLOAD


8.     Application of Adomian Decomposition Method for Solving Linear and Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equations 

Author: Sharvari Kulkarni, Kalyanrao Takale                        DOWNLOAD

9. A Segmentation Algorithm Using -Neighbourhoods                                  

Author: B. Shanthi Gowri and Gnanambal Ilango                   DOWNLOAD